Maui is full of beautiful backdrops for family portrait opportunities.  Whether you’re looking for a location that gives breath-taking beauty or simple garden experiences, Maui is a photographer’s dream.

Here are a handful of our favorite types of settings for family portraits:

Local Parks

Local parks offer quiet and picturesque backdrops for simple family portraits. Many locations around the island provide tree-lined spaces or quaint gardens with plenty of color. Place a couple of children in a playground setting with family, and you have a great backdrop for the picture.


Maui is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Family beach portraits are a great way to remember your vacation and time on the island. Pro tip: When taking pictures at the beach, sunsets are usually the best time to take the photos. When taking the shots, however, try to angle your family in a position where the sun doesn’t interfere with your pictures by making sure the sun isn’t directly behind your family.

State Parks

State parks are also great for capturing the beauty of the island. For example, Polipoli Springs State Recreation Park is a wonderland of photography options. There’s nothing like Maui’s Cypress and Eucalyptus trees to really make a family portrait pop. Also, the many trails that extend through the park provide foliage snapshots at every bend.
Another great spot is the Honomanu Falls. The falls are absolutely beautiful but keep in mind, it can be a trek to get there.
Another one of our favorites is  Kahakuloa Head. It isn’t the easiest to reach, but it’s well worth the hike.

Local Landmarks

Local landmarks can provide amazing backdrops for family photos. One of our favorites is Dragon’s Teeth. If you travel to the northern reaches of the island, Dragon’s Teeth is a fantastic setting to take family photos.


Harbors on Maui are a fantastic setting for family portraits. Often times there are beautiful boats available to use as a backdrop and the boardwalks can make for great pictures.
In conclusion, in Maui there is no such thing as a bad place to take a family picture. With both the natural and man-made beauty of the island, taking family portraits are a great way to make your memories last forever.
Guest post written by Becky Whitton from Capture Aloha